Real Drawn Stickman is a minor antagonist of Adventures of Stickman.


R. D. Stickman was drawn by a guy in a notebook after Stickman falls in the notebook. The Drawn makes somes things in Stick, when Drawn grabs him, Stickman moves, and Drawn throws Stick in the wall, Stick awakens, and jumps, grabbing Drawn Stick's head. After this, Stick grabs his leg, and finally Real Drawn Stickman his defeated. Stick makes a portal with Drawn's body parts.


Drawn appears in Episode 5. he is similiar to Stickman, but the two are differents. it's because:

  • Stickman is smaller, and Drawn is bigger.
  • Drawn as the arms in different places, but Stickman's arms is in the right place, like the humans.
  • Stickman's head is black, and of Drawn is with black outline and without color in the middle of outline.
  • Drawn is drawn by a human, but Stick is not.